Our Servers

Land Quest

Land Quest is RayFall’s custom RPG/Survival world. Navigate an open landscape and forge your own adventures with friends as you fight, craft and survive in our custom RPG/Survival server. Level up and gain new abilities, master the elements with our spell system, interact with NPC’s and use custom crafting recipes to survive in an ever growing world.


In Development

Valmoor is RayFall’s upcoming RPG world. More details will be coming soon! Check out the new section on the forums for up to date information.

Why RayFall?

Built by Coders

The RayFall network is built by experienced coders/developers who are able to craft a custom experience and are able to actually connect with players and implement complex and creative features in a timely manner.

Powered by skRayFall

The RayFall network is powered by our open source skript addon, skRayFall. Features are developed for the network, and then released with the source code publicly for everyone!

Community Focused

Join a network were developers are actively looking for new ideas and features to implement daily. RayFall's social system gives players complete control over their experience and allows each user the best experience possible.